Sir Ollow

Sir Olllow is a new character. Currently Sir Ollow is only doing work with the Tulsa Akdar Shrine Merri-Makers however…

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The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster What better way to lead a parade than a stilted ringmaster.  Everyone loves the ringmaster, put him two…

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Fire Shows by Mr. Crispy

Fireshow: Fire Breathing in the Denver Parade of Lights

  Fire shows are a great way to light up the night? Mr Crispy is a master at the manipulation of fire. Fire Eating, The Human Volcano, Fire Dancing, Mr. Crispy Does it all. Safety is always first! Mr. Crispy is covered by a 3,000,000 liability insurance policy, secondary insured certificates are available. You may…


Juggling Workshop

juggling workshop

The juggling workshop is a great workshop for children.  The children not only get a basic juggling lesson in this hands on workshop but will also make their own juggling balls out of rice and balloons.  Juggling has many educational, social, and physical benefits.  Research shows juggling can improve math, dyslexia, concentration, coordination, problem solving,…


Amazing Feats by Mr. Crispy

Sword Swallowing

See the amazing feats of Mr. Crispy.  Mr. Crispy is a sword-swallowing Modern Fakir that graduated from The Coney Island Sideshow School.  Ring-leader of this bizarre family, Crispy shocks the crowd with his glass walking, human pincushion, fire-eating, block-head, and fire-breathing skills.  His fascination with pain, physics, and human biology has led him down the…