Juggling Workshop

juggling workshop

Pre-K through 5th grade children during Mr. Crispy’s Juggling Workshop

The juggling workshop is a great workshop for children.  The children not only get a basic juggling lesson in this hands on workshop but will also make their own juggling balls out of rice and balloons.  Juggling has many educational, social, and physical benefits.  Research shows juggling can improve math, dyslexia, concentration, coordination, problem solving, confidence, self esteem, communication, teamwork, physical fitness, reflexes, rhythm and timing, flexibility, ambidexterity, and more.  There’s is a great article discussing these benefits in detail at Steve the Juggler’s website Juggling World  “The Benefits of Juggling”. I highly recommend this article, it sites research from across the web showing many surprising reasons juggling is a great hobby for children.  In an age of video games and the internet, children need hobbies that will engage both the body and the mind in challenges that will improve their development.



Rico Teaches Juggling

Juggling Workshop: Rico Teaches Juggling

The juggling workshop is great for 3rd grade and up.  Under 3rd grade a separate workshop using scarves can be done.  Mr. Crispy works with many jugglers from the Tulsa Juggling Club, if you have a large class or want to set up the juggling workshop for a festival we can bring in the manpower to make sure everyone gets to participate in this fun filled activity.  A minimum of 30 minutes is recommended for group workshops.

Pricing for this workshop is based on the number of children.

For festivals the workshop can either be setup based on estimated participation or can be set up for the families to pay per child.  Make your next Kidzone more than just a place to keep children occupied, get them started on a hobby that will benefit them for a lifetime.  Parents will thank you for introducing their children to this wholesome hobby.