DJ Mr. Crispy

Mr. Crispy as guest DJ at Eclipse


Here’s why you should hire Mr. Crispy as your DJ/MC

What’s a party without music? Mr Crispy can provide the soundtrack for a night to remember. Mr Crispy can provide the P.A. and music for your guests to get their groove on or just to provide the right atmosphere to your office party, corporate party, or anything else you can think up. A child of the eighties Mr Crispy has an extensive library of music from the eighties and nineties including New Wave, Punk, EBM, Industrial, Goth, etc. Not your style just let Mr Crispy know what your crowd likes and he’s happy to accommodate.  Mr. Crispy uses a digital DJ program known as Virtual DJ and thanks to it’s subscription service can stream any music available through Grooveshark so if an internet connection is available requests and custom playlists are rarely a problem.  If you don’t have internet access let Mr. Crispy know in advance and he can pre-load your night to insure he has the music to keep the mood right.




An emcee can help keep your event running smoothly and set’s the mood for the event.  Your emcee can set the mood whether it’s light hearted, sophisticated, or somewhere in between.  Many people fear public speaking, why put yourself through the discomfort when Mr. Crispy can do it for you.  Let Mr. Crispy emcee your event and he’ll help you smoothly move your guest from the appetizers through the nights events.   Mr. Crispy is the voice of the Crispy Family Carnival and has guest MC’d for Burlesque troupes, conferences, concerts, street festivals, store openings, and more.


Although Mr. Crispy only has simple PA system he has worked for many years with local company Tulsa Scenic and can help you arrange lights, sound, etc. through this full service rental company.