Amazing Feats by Mr. Crispy

See the amazing feats of Mr. Crispy.  Mr. Crispy is a sword-swallowing Modern Fakir that graduated from The Coney Island Sideshow School.  Ring-leader of this bizarre family, Crispy shocks the crowd with his glass walking, human pincushion, fire-eating, block-head, and fire-breathing skills.  His fascination with pain, physics, and human biology has led him down the path of the insane.  Of all the Torture Kings you’ve ever seen, Crispy is one class-act that you’re bound to remember!


Amazing Feats of Sword Swallowing

Sword Swallowing

Some of Mr. Crispy’s Feats:

Sword Swallowing

The act of sword swallowing goes back to 2000 B.C. Mr. Crispy is one of less than a few dozen professional sword swallowers in the world today.




Fire Eating

Amazing Feats of Fire Eating

Fire Eating


Mr. Crispy has been working with fire since 1999, he is fully insured for fire performance and was a consultant to the Denver Fire Prevention Bureau when they wrote the laws for public fire performance in Denver, Co.




Amazing Feats of Fire Breathing at Denver Parade of Lights

Denver Parade of Lights Photo Courtesy of Denver Rocky Mountain News


Fire Breathing

Why should dragons have all the fun?  This is the act that started it all.  Mr. Crispy started his strange journey into circus and sideshow with a simple desire to learn to blow a fireball to start the bonfire for his annual Easter party.  This is still one of his favorite acts and sure to draw a crowd.




Amazing Feats on the Bed of Nails

Bed of Nails


Bed of Nails (Combined with audience members standing on Mr. Crispy, Concrete Block Crushed on Chest, etc.)

The Bed of Nails is a classic sideshow stunt, Mr. Crispy has both small portable beds to the a six food coffin on a rolling platform perfect for parades!  Have your audience members stand on him, make you closing speech from a living stage, or test your strength swinging the sledgehammer and crushing the concrete block on his chest.  These are just a few examples of what can be done and coming soon Mr. Crispy will attempt to have a motorcycle drive across him on the largest of these beds.

Amazing feats of Knife Throwing

Knife Throwing


Knife Throwing

Mr. Crispy is one of the few knife throwers with the skill and nerves to perform the classic impalement act.  Watch in amazement as knives whiz past his brave assistant and even cuts a celery stick from his assistants mouth.



Amazing feats with the Bullwhip

Mr. Crispy trims the Rose




Wake them up with the sound of a sonic boom.  Bullwhips actually break the sound barrier to create their trademark CRACK.  Cutting the rose from his assistants mouth and coming only inches from very painful nose-job!




Amazing Feats the Human Pincushion

Heavy Metal Bowtie

Human Pincushion

A classic feat of the middle east, Mr. Crispy runs skewers through his body.  His control of pain is only half the amazement, Mr. Crispy is able to remove the skewers without spilling a drop of blood.  This is far beyond the real of body piercing actually passing through muscle without causing any permanent damage.





Amazing Feats with the Animal Trap

Beat the Trap

Hand of Steel

Mr. Crispy0 tests his reflexes as he tries to beat the steel grip of this antique animal trap.






Amazing Feats: The Strait Jacket Escape

They’re coming to take me away haha

Strait Jacket Escape


Houdini isn’t the only one who can escape from a strait jacket.  Mr. Crispy sports not only a classic Posey Strait Jacket but also this styling custom strait jacket designed just like the ones once used in medical institutions.




Amazing Feats: The Rope Escape

Rope Escape

100 Foot of Rope Escape

Speaking of escapes, this one is a crowd pleaser.  Two volunteers from the audience use 100 feet of rope to tie up Mr. Crispy.  So far nobody has been able to keep him from escaping, but they keep trying.




Amazing Feats (or should that be feets): Glass Walking

Walking on Broken Glass

Walking on Broken Glass

50lbs of broken glass threaten to turn Mr. Crispy’s feet into hamburger.







Amazing Feats: Juggling Props

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?


Mr. Crispy juggles a number of props including pins, balls, canes, diabolo, knives, torches, and more.








Amazing Feats: The Fireproof Tongue

Quit Smoking the Mr. Crispy Way

Fireproof Tongue

Tired of smoking, worried about the cost and health issues related to your addiction to nicotine?  Try Dr. Crispy’s last resort smoking cure.  When you catch yourself smoking take a few drags then snuff the rest out on your tongue for later.  If the burn and sizzle doesn’t work to stop your cravings the taste of licking an ashtray will.




Amazing Feats: Dr. Crispy's Sinu-Spike

Dr. Crispy’s Sinu-Spike


Do you or a loved one suffer from that night-time affliction known as snoring?  Well Dr. Crispy has the cure.  The Sinu-Spike will cure you (or your loved ones) night-time woes.





Amazing Feats (and legs): Stilt Walking

Mr. Crispy Stilt Walking at Free Tulsa

Stilt Walking

You know what they say about a man with long legs….he’s really tall.  Let Mr Crispy bring attention to your event, parade and more.  A number of stilt characters are available including Uncle Sam, Ringmaster, and more.








Amaing Feats: The Fire Cube

Jacon with the Fire Cube

Fire Cube

Designed by Mr. Crispy and Jacon the fire cube is a unique creation best suited for festival atmospheres.





Amazing Feats: Poi Dancing

Poi Dancing

Fire Dancing

Before Mr. Crispy could apprentice in Fire Breathing he had to prove himself as a fire dancing.  His main props are various forms of poi and staff dancing.





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